Digital Enhanced Events

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PGA Event Edutainment

Leveraging touch screen-based interactions, we connected Memorial Tournament guests to live, Web-based content, social media streams, tournament-specific information, and edutainment gaming.

Bringing static content to life

Through a Web-based admin, content was managed remotely to provide timely updates of pairings, social feeds, photo and video libraries, and real time leaderboards for gaming activities across multiple locations

Memorial Sitemap

Test of time technology solutions

We build our technology solutions to be future friendly, so we build once, add on as needed, and use repeatedly. This approach allows us to add and remove content easily, regardless of the modifications to be made.

Lasting partnership

We are much more than a one-and-done service provider. We form lasting relationships that focus on our clients' continued success. We have partnered with the Memorial Tournament and look forward to many more years to come.

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